Upcoming Events & Current Exhibitions

HOMMAGE (detail), 2019
Stainless steel polished mirror, Titanium gold polished mirror

This sculpture will be installed and unveiled as soon covid19 pandemic sanitary situation will let it be. This work has been made for The 150th Year of The Agriculture School Mikve Israel. It will be a permanent outdoors sculpture at Mikve Israel campus, Holon, Israel.
Bruno Art Group in Singapore

A Solo Exhibition at Art Market Gallery, Bruno Art Group will open when the outdoors permanent sculpture “HOMMAGE” will be installed at Mikve Israel, Holon. We will let you know the date ASAP.
Art Market Gallery, 3 Hata’arucha St., Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Email: info@brunoartgroup.com

Brigitte NaHoN with Pink Gallery at Korean International Art Fair

Currently Group Exhibition with Pink Gallery, Seoul. Mapogu Sungmisan Ro 29Gil, 40-18, 5th floor, Seoul, South Korea.

Email: infopinkgallery@gmail.com