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Please note that this artist official website does not present in an exhaustive way all the works of Brigitte NaHoN created from 1984 to date. Only some selected and exhibited works are included. I wish you a very good visit!

About the artist

Brigitte NaHoN in front of “Rain Forest/dance”, New York City. 
Collection of Joel and Sherry Mallin, Poundridge, NY.

French-American artist Brigitte NaHoN born in Nice graduated in Fine Arts: Master I at Provence University, Master II at Paris Sorbonne University in 1985 has received several awards and grants. Among them: Yuri Stern Honors, The Villa Medecis Hors Les-Murs, First prize in Sculpture at Salon de Montrouge, Aide à la création artistique at FRAC Paris-Ile-de France. She currently based in Tel Aviv to put herself in a constant balance after she has been living 15 years in New York City. 

For more than 35 years, Brigite NaHoN’s work has been a constant search to find the moment of life, the point of equilibrium when the inner self reaches a new harmony with the outer world with an infinity of possibilities. My aesthetic goal is to give a sense of freedom by a unexpected balance of materials and shapes that I use with no limitation. It is a daily attempt to reach new ways of seeing, to feel the surrounding space, the spectators and ourselves.

By exploring the limits of life with subtle and radical oppositions, physically and mentally, NaHoN questions fragility and solidity, heaviness and lightness, transparency, emptiness and fullness of space using an un-limited variety of materials, of forms, of lines, with or without color.  The artist creates a link between paradoxes of life to reach essential suspended feelings of balance, of un-limited ways to see the same sculpture using small or large dimensions of works on site-specific or not.  With no restrain of materials, we recognize her poetic, magical and universal world for pursuing her quest of a perfect balance in an unbalanced world.

NaHoN works have been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide: Tel Aviv (Bruno Art Group), Seoul (Pink Gallery), Moscow (Galerie Iragui), Paris (Jérôme de Noirmont Galerie), New York City (Cristinerose Gallery and Stephan Stoyanov Gallery), Rio-de-Janeiro (CCBB Rio), London (Serpentine Gallery) and so on.

Her works belong to several international public and private prestigious collections: The Jewish Museum of New York City ; Hudson Valley MOCA in Peekskill, NY ; The Mallins in Poundrige, NY ; Progressive Inc. in Mayfield, OH ; The European Hospital Georges Pompidou and Medical Researches European Center in Paris ; FNAC (French national contemporary collection) in Paris ; Fmac (Contemporary Art Collection of the City of Paris) ; Carrie Shapiro and Peter Frey in New York City ; Jérôme et Emmanuelle de Noirmont in Paris ; Viviane Bregman in New York City ; Toby Devan-Lewis in Austin, CO ; Diane Venet in Paris ; The Lauro Giardini in Città della Pieve, Umbria ; Jack and Wiesje van Hulst in Richmond Hill, GA and so on.

Brigitte NaHoN received several commissions to create and to install permanently or temporally monumental sculptures: “HOMMAGE” at Mikve Israel adjacent to the city of Tel Aviv ; “Ténor, la Marche vers la Vie” in Monte-Carlo Gardens, Principality of Monaco ; “Dancing Reeds” at Progressive Inc. in Mayfield, OH ;  “Le Passage” on Les Champs-Elysées in Paris ; “La Fontaine aux Roseaux d’argent” at Musée national du moyen-âge, Thermes de Cluny in Paris ; “Equilibrium” at The New Courtyard of The City of Avignon ; “HONNA” at E.D.F. Electricité de France in Saint-Denis, “Posyr Lirketche” at Venice Biennale Off 1995 and so on.