Born in Nice, getting a Master of Fine Arts at The Provence University in Aix-en-Provence, a D.E.A at Paris Panthéon-la Sorbonne, Brigitte NaHoN studied 4 more years a Doctorate nouveau régime (P.H.D.) of Fine Arts at Paris-la Sorbonne University for living and working 7 years her sculpture in Paris.
In 1994, after receiving The Villa-Medicis-hors-les murs Award, NaHoN went to Manhattan and spent 14 years for her art and, 3 months in Tamil Nadu, India to work with some people of  “The Untouchable” cast.
In July 2008, she decided to put herself again in balance and has moved in Israel.
She is now based in Tel Aviv to be closer to her family, closer to her roots.
NaHoN pushes limits of life, of space and of time in her being and her artwork.
In 1984, she started to investigate precious moments of balance between tradition and modernity. By exploring some limits of life possibilities with subtle and radical oppositions. Brigitte NaHoN questions fragility and solidity, heaviness and lightness, transparency, emptiness and fullness of space using an un-limited variety of materials, of forms, of lines, with or without colors.Public art, or small works for tiny space, Brigitte NaHoN loves to explore all her surroundings to bring them back in un-expectable visions. She creates a link between paradoxes of life to reach essential suspended feelings of balance, of un-limited ways to see the same sculpture using small or large dimensions of works on site-specific or not.
Cf. Le Passage (1999) created and shown:
at the first time, on The Champs-Elysées, Paris for the exhibition: Les champs de la Sculpture II,
at The City Hall of Den Haag (1999-2000),
in front of The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio-de-Janeiro (2001-2002),
at The Place of Guillaume II, Principauté de Luxembourg (2002).
Cf. La Fontaine aux Roseaux d’argent (2000) in The Gardens of The national museum of middle-age in Paris (2000).
Cf. Dancing Reeds (2002) for Progressive Art Collection in Mayfield, Ohio, U.S.A.
Cf. Time Zero (2006) at The Jewish Museum of New York City.Brigtte NaHoN works on canvas and on paper in relationship with her concept of  her sculpture. With no restrain of materials, we recognize her poetic, magical and universal world for pursuing her quest of a perfect balance in an unbalanced world.